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      Welcome to the Rio Bauana Blog

      Welcome to the Rio Bauana Blog

      Hello there,

      I'm Marjorie, and thank you for being at Rio Bauana!

      What can you expect from a blog embedded inside a store - well, a cool store but still?

      Let's see. is a mission, not just a simple online store. As you know, we love the environment, all the natural and organic products, the cool and clean technologies and so on. We have our own real piece of the Amazon rain forest, and we're already fighting huge windmills to protect it (about us). This store is one of the windmills... but it's one of those we love!

      Mainly though - even if we like to romantically call it otherwise - it is a store! We sell stuff. Therefore, we promote our products, of course - with passion because we love all of them, or they wouldn't be here. I hope you're OK with this since we all have to make a living. In our case though, we're also fighting for the life of others.

      Finally, we passionately promote the products of others. Those we believe are engaged - directly or indirectly - in the "Beauty for a Better World" initiative. 

      What we don't like is green-washing! Most brands are illegitimately surfing on a legitimate wave. They underestimate our intelligence, our sense of right and wrong, and our capacity to distinguish what's real from what's not. We run from them.

      So - as you might've already guessed - we'll talk about all these things here at the blog.

      Politically correct? Yes. And politically incorrect? Yes.

      It's great to have you here!