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      Our story begins at the left banks of Rio Bauana, in the heart of the Amazon rain forest, where the Carolina Farm extends for 91 km x 9 km inland. It's an 82,344 hectares - about 200,000 acres - property named after my beloved grandmother. It's a romantic story, full of dreams, passion and adventure. It starts with a utopic vision and evolves into a roller-coaster of emotions, to finally end up defeating skepticism - the side-wish of all dreamers.


      Hi, I'm Marjorie

      Born in Maryland, psychologist, I married a passionate, irreverent Tuscan engineer: Luke. It was love at first sight... for him, of course! Just kidding... he knows that! And there we are, fighting corruption in Brazil, happy for being so fortunate to have been raised as citizens of the world.

      Three wonderful daughters and almost 30 years later we keep living all sorts of challenges, having the fun of our lives in the process.

      This time though, it's the ultimate challenge. We took upon ourselves the mission to show the world what a crazy couple can do to change it!

      The Bauana Project

      Steve Jobs once said: "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world... are the ones who do." We couldn't agree more.

      For years we kept hearing about global warming, noticing little action. So we decided to reverse it. "Whaaat? Can we do that?!" Of course we can! Let's create forest sustainability... and hope for replication. Simple as that!

      And this is how the Bauana Project was born...


      Bauana Naturals

      Welcome back. If you read the Bauana Project you now know that "Houston, we had a problem"! We badly needed to help those people in a consistent basis, avoiding charity at all cost.

      That's how Bauana Naturals was born. A US based enterprise set to help them with part of the profits, and structured to use local raw material as ingredients in the future. We used the Argan Oil experience in Northwest Africa as a model.

      Bauana Naturals started launching two specific products out of a catalog of 103 (all FDA approved, of course) developed by our US lab. Both are outstanding skin care solutions, and they have something in common: replace well-known harmful ingredients with their natural, healthier counterparts, and test the US market reaction.

      To start selling our first product - HYKO! - we couldn't have chosen a better (and more inspiring) marketplace: We loved the experience! We learned a lot, and we're now grateful to Amazon for all the opportunities it's giving Bauana Naturals to thrive. We're now a 100% 5-star Seller within that environment. Very cool!


      Rio Bauana

      Surprisingly enough, we received a few requests for setting distributorships around the world. In order to properly do so and start expanding worldwide, we had to create our own, independent sales channel.

      And this is why Rio Bauana was born. It's were you are now.

      Does that mean we'll move on from Of course not! Amazon is probably the very best marketplace in existence nowadays. We'll keep perfecting our presence there, and whenever possible we'll refer our sales to the wonderful fulfillment services Amazon provides.

      We keep comparing our journey to Forrest Gump's life. It seems that one good thing after the other happens when you least expect, if - and only if - you travel in good faith.

      Rio Bauana has now the privilege to include some very solid and famous brands within its offerings. We're grateful for the opportunities, when it seems once again that hard work and transparency pay off! 

      Be assured though, that everything we offer here is in compliance with our vision of a better environment. Including offers from those other brands.